Race Walk Championship Rules

  1. The Championships shall be held each year in conjunction with the Combined Events Final Competition.

  2. Ages. The age groups for the competition shall be:

    Junior13 years and under 15 years
    Intermediate15 years and under 17 years
    Senior17 years and under 19 years
    Ages as at 31st August in the calendar year of competition.

  3. Eligibility as defined in Competition Rule 3 is applicable to the calendar year of competition.

  4. Competitors and Reserves. Counties shall be entitled to enter 10 individual competitors in each Championship event, from whom 6 shall be selected to walk.

  5. County Stewards. County Stewards, at least one of whom shall be a man and one a woman in the event of competitors being from both boys and girls sections, shall be in the minimum ratio of one to every twelve competitors or part thereof, subject to a maximum of four County Stewards.

  6. Entries. Entry forms shall reach the Race Walking Secretary at least 16 days before the Race Walk Championships and must be accompanied by the relevant contribution per competitor. The rate of such contributions shall be decided annually by the General Committee.

    No entries shall be accepted from an Association whose affiliation fees are outstanding. No late or amended entries shall be accepted after the closing date.

    ALL selected walkers shall be declared in writing at least half an hour before the start of the Race Walk Championships.

    Numbers supplied by the E.S.A.A. shall be worn on the breast and on the back and be clearly visible.

  7. All races shall be held wholly on the track.

  8. Distances. The length of the races shall be:
    Junior Boys3,000 metres
    Intermediate Boys5,000 metres
    Senior Boys5,000 metres
    Junior Girls3,000 metres
    Intermediate Girls3,000 metres
    Senior Girls5,000 metres

  9. Officials. The duties of officials shall be in accordance with the recommendation of the English Schools' Athletic Association.